Private Sessions



Due to Covid-19 all sessions are non-contact, socially distant or on zoom

Loni has been educated by some of the worlds leading Yoga Teachers. Most of her teaching style derives from anatomy and alignment based yoga techniques. Loni carried out her 200hr Teaching in Los Angeles with 7 of the worlds leading specialists including Anatomy specialist PHD Ellen Heed ~

Before Loni did her teacher training she had already embarked on a  journey with many teachers and cultivated a personal practice to evolve her self study and understanding of her own body before even considering a Teacher Training.

“I think a lot of people rush into it and I wanted to make sure I understood my own anatomy and journey before I started to focus on that of others”

Loni enjoys further learning across varying subjects that she apply to her teaching including Energy, Physics, Applied Anatomy, Quantum Physics and Neuroscience. Loni is also a Mathematics Teachers and has taught various other subjects in a school environment including Biology and Physics. She has found Mathematics and  Science key to her understanding about the body and mind. 

“The key to being a good teacher is first to understand that you can learn as much from your student as they can from you. The second most important thing is to recognise that everyone has a different style of learning.”

“I love teaching personal sessions with my students. It gives me the chance to tailor the class to the individuals needs. My classes are alignment based with a big focus on strength building before gaining flexibility. 

It is also really important to me that my students gain understanding of their body, their eating habits and I stay away from any jargon or sanskrit (language used in yoga) until I know they have grasped the fundamentals. 

Yoga is a really great way to release stress and to take care of your body; especially if you are in a high pressured job. I will also give you short exercises that you can carry out by yourself at home. 

Sessions in the comfort of your own home or office. In person or Virtually”


"I have had one to one yoga sessions with Loni for almost two years. During this time I have become stronger both physically and mentally. I also ran a marathon in record time as I had built up stamina and strength through the yoga. Not only is Loni a great yoga teacher she is also an inspiring person that I enjoy talking to before and after our yoga"

~ Jo ~

“An oasis in my busy week, I always look forward to my 121 yoga session with Loni. She is a thoroughly professional and thankfully patient teacher. I can’t recommend her enough.”

~ Jim ~

"Loni is extremely creative and fun with her classes. She encourages you to explore a variety of poses at your own pace. Loni has guided me on my journey for the last 2 years from complete beginner and I have learned so much that I never thought possible, she is so full of knowledge and encouragement. I have totally fallen in love with yoga thanks to Loni."

~ Natasha ~